Happical Zoo Painted With Royal Hue
May 05, 1512
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Slightly loose around the edges, comical, full of engergy.The daughter of Swen and his ex-wife. With a mind, Sirtip became a correspondent reporter for Nestree News when she was only 15 (T.H.1510). She then became the Entertainment Reporter fifteen years later.


Happical Zoo—the all-time subject of people’s talks since its grand opening—again, did not let us down. It caused a massive sensation during the first few months and continues to trend strongly now. Even the royal VIP guests from foreign countries can be seen lining up, creating a unique scene for the local residents.



Exactly what is the reason behind the Happical Zoo mania? The beautiful Arjitan princess gracefully responds, “Pudoro Corporation stands out with its strength in high-tech development, which, compared to our own, is immensely difficult to catch up. But as the old saying goes, ‘Scientific technology is meant to connect people,’ and it requires rich humanitarian values and artistic tastes to do so. If possible, I believe it would be a great collaboration between Arjita and Pudoro Corporation. ”




The Prime Minister from Thaiden agreed with a few exceptions. “On one hand, this establishment [Happical Zoo] is truly a great innovation; but on the other, there are still management problems that need to be further taken into concern, including the effects of traffic, visitor circulation and evacuation and so on. I doubt Pudoro Corporation are satisfied with the way things are going on at the moment. This might make it the phenomenon rather short-lived.”




Princess Uga from the South Pacific Seven Islands Union was all smiles when asked with the same question. “Wow! I’m very impressed at such an original idea and creation,” she said breathily. “If only we ha a similar establishment in our own country, rather than having to come all the way here to experience it. Don’t get me wrong, this was very much worth the time!”




Thanks to the royal blessings and suggestions, the Happical Zoo mania is here to stay.
























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