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NESTREE - SPSIU Chief To Visit Pudoro Corporation

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SPSIU Chief To Visit Pudoro Corporation
Dec 31, 1509
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An intellectual. Invited by Swen as Nestree News’ first anchorwoman. Admires wise people. Belle is originally from an Arjitian noble family. At 18, she won the “Most Beautiful Arjitian” title with her good looks and sensual body. Married the famed celebrity doctor Micdeal at 22 years old, and together they had a set of twin daughters.
After being hit by a devastating flood last month, the SPSIU faces a tough road ahead to recovery. The flood destroyed resources such as residential and commercial buildings, food, and agricultural goods. The situation has worsened to the point that Chief Kaka has now cried to the public for a helping hand. Kaka stated that due to rainstorms that lasted several days, the SPSIU has been crippled to war-zone like conditions. He expressed the tremendous sorrow he felt upon witnessing the conditions the victims, the majority of which have no food, no clothes, and are unsheltered, affected by the flood are now struggling through. He also noted that the immense rebuilding process is far too great of a task for any nation to handle alone and is requesting the help of surrounding nations in hopes that the SPSIU can soon get back on its feet.
Victims of the flood have been fighting over food and necessities in order to survive and in some areas the fight has turned into chaotic, riot-like struggles.
Estimations of victims affected by the flood have now reached the one million. The sheer mass of this number, compounded by problems such as the lack of food and health care, has deteriorated the rebuilding process to a snail-like pace. In an effort to appease the victims, Chief Kaka recently paid a visit to the Lapita Islands, one of the areas hit hardest by the flood, and expressed his full commitment in dealing with the aftermath of the flood. It was on this same visit that he announced the thrilling news that the Pudoro Corporation has agreed to assist in the rebuilding of the SPSIU. In an attempt to express his gratitude towards the Pudoro Corporation’s commitment to helping with the rebuilding process, Chief Kaka also announced he will personally visit the Pudoro Headquarters in the near-by future. His visit is far more than symbolic as Chief Kaka plans to make a formal presentation to the Pudoro Corporation regarding the official rebuilding efforts of the flood. His first and foremost goal Chief Kaka noted, is to provide shelter for the victims currently stationed at refuge camps.
Nestree has also confirmed their role in assisting with the rebuilding of the SPSIU and is preparing for Chief Kaka’s visit. Feyne, the spokesmen of Nestree stated: “ We welcome anyone who is in need of Pudoro Corporation’s assistance with open arms.”

Pudoro Corporation has always actively participated in community events and takes pride in serving the public and giving back to the community. From regular subsides to poor families to providing help in difficult times to various nations, Pudoro Corporation has always felt obligated to give back to the community. Their latest commitment in assisting the SPSIU rebuild only furthers their legacy in giving back to the community. 

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