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NESTREE - Panic Over Eerie Scratch Marks

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Panic Over Eerie Scratch Marks
Aug 22, 1506
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.
Pu-La, a small fishing village located on the northern parts of Pudoro Island had been a quiet, peaceful town until recently. Mysterious scratch marks on doors, houses, and trees have caused widespread panic in the little village. Adults have gone as far as warning children not to go outside before nine in the morning and after seven at night. There have been reports of strange noises in a forest near the sea. The residents are treating the matter with caution and some are suggesting unknown animals as the culprits.
Rumors have been circulating fast on the little island. Some are certain this is the first step towards a bigger plan for aliens. The theory being thrown around is that aliens plan to use the island as base as they invade the world. The forest was chosen as base so they can obtain tree samples for research and study purposes, thus explaining the scratch marks. The strange noise was the aliens conversing, but it was inaudible to humans due to a difference in frequency.
Some believe it’s a conspiracy related to the recent negative press on Pudoro Corporation and Happical Zoo. The theory suggests the scratch marks and noise are meant to create panic amongst the public in an attempt to deflect attention from the corporation’s recent financial problems.
There are also those blaming the media for blowing the events out of proportion. They believe the scratch marks are nothing but evidence that kou-la migatory birds are migrating, leaving scratch marks along the way as they tend to do. The strange noises are explained as the hummingbirds’ chirp. Another theory is that it’s actually just bears that cannot find food and have turned to tree bark as a source of food. But are there bears on Pudoro Island?
Ai-Cao, a respected elder of the village has been enraged by the incidents. “The Pudoro Corporation definitely has something to do with this. Those evil suits have brought bad karma to this once peaceful island. They’ve stripped us of our young people, turning our village into an empty town with only seniors and children.”
Despite the residents’ claims, none of the accusations against Pudoro Coropation have been confirmed. Two children reported recent coyote sightings, but are not being taken seriously.

The scratch marks, strange noises and crazy rumors have created an eerie atmosphere on the peaceful island. We can only wait for experts to come up with a logical explanation before the villagers are allowed to return to their simple, peaceful lives. 

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