The Giant of Communications—Sichai, Head of the IT Department

Kyung Lah
March 28, 2011
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

Swen: If you have a great understanding of the IT industry, then you are definitely familiar with this person. While his appearance borders less on aesthetically pleasing and more on strange (especially with the mysterious golden band wound around his head), he has written numerous groundbreaking academic papers and founded multiple theories in the world if communications. He has further led the IT Department of Pudoro Corporation in overcoming challenges, breaking the stereotypical boundaries people have for communication. He is the giant of communications—Mr. Sichai.


Sichai: This kind of introduction is too much for the old man to handle. How can the old man be referred to as the giant!


Swen: Sir, you’re being too modest. Aside from you, there is no one who can be called the giant. Didn’t the new theory you just raised leave the world reeling? After all, who could have imagined that humans could directly see what others are seeing? (Looks with astonishment at the giant map spread out in front of Sichai. The map is dissected into tiny boxes of images.) May I ask if these images are the fruits of your research labor?


Sichai: That’s right. All the images you see on this map are images transmitted to me from our employees all over the world. Through the latest technology, I’ve managed to let all the images the human eyeball takes in to reflect onto this remote screen. All without needing to wear external equipment. By doing so, we can establish a global IT network to conveniently grasp every situation.  


Swen: That’s an incredible invention. I believe it is another step for mankind in the development of IT network. You overcame hurdles and obstacles to develop this invention. You must feel a huge sense of accomplishment, right?


Sichai: Actually what you’re seeing is nothing. There are a lot of other things that you can’t possibly imagine, let alone see.


Swen: What is this supposed to mean?


Sichai: (smiles but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes) Nothing in particular. It’s just a thought I had.


Swen: (stares at the giant mechanical room of the IT Department) Sir, compared to the overfilled mechanical room of the Maintenance Department, this room is surprisingly neat and tidy. Looks like the rumors about you being meticulous and clean are true!


Sichai: Actually, it’s not because I like things to be particularly clean. I suffer from migraines—it’s an old condition now, and when my surroundings get too dirty, my head starts to throb. Like this headband you see around my head…it’s used to treat my headaches, but I can’t always rely on aid. That’s why I make it a habit to clean up my work environment. Furthermore, in terms of the quality of communications, too many objects will only disrupt the signal transmit.


Swen: I see. I’d assumed that headband was an accessory. Who knew it could cure headaches! Now, please proceed to tell us how you feel about Pudoro Corporation.


Sichai: As an employee of Pudoro Corporation, I think corporation has been extremely gracious and respectable to their researchers. They also provide immense financial and emotional support in various ideas. In terms of resource, they’re a top-notch company. But as a Pudorian, I believe the corporation should just focus on innovation and developing new products. There really isn’t a need to manage an island, after all, the corporation isn’t a political force.


Swen: Based on what you’ve just said, I’m assuming you’re largely dissatisfied with the management of the island by the corporation?


Sichai: That’s not what I mean. I believe each field has its own specialty. For example, my specialty lies in communications, and that is the only reason to why I’m the head of the IT Department.


Swen: So if you think Pudoro Corporation should just maintain their responsibility as a corporation and remove their hands from the reins of the unfamiliar, who should have the political authority over Pudoro Island?


Sichai: I personally think Emperor Yaleshan of Taiho is acceptable. First, Taiho continues to be a great and powerful country, and has a close relationship with Pudoro Island. It is also the country that understands the situation of the island. Secondly, Taiho has always been the first to offer aid and support whenever something goes wrong with the corporation. Based on this, its evident that they are extremely kind to us. And finally, Taiho and Pudoro Island have a geographical advantage. Those familiar with their history must know that they governed the island before the corporation was established. But…this is all an old man’s opinion, so one ear in and other the other.  


Swen: Yes, in one ear and out the other…Sir, thank you sincerely for taking the time to talk to us. Thank you!