Power Woman--The Future of Psychological Intelligence

Kyung Lah
March 28, 2011
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

The science of technology and psychology are at opposite ends of the pole and never one to be mixed together. However, Dr. Rose, Head of Psychology Department of Pudoro Corporation, believes in creating a balance of the two. Despite maintaining a low profile in the limelight, the public is well aware of her knowledge and expertise in the field of psychology as well as her powerful psychic powers.
Dr. Rose fully believes in the importance of nurturing a child’s emotional and physical state, emphasizing this influence to remain in the child throughout his or her adolescent and adult stages. Thus, she continues to put years of research in the psychological education of children. Grow Academy, world-renowned learning institution for children, recognizes Dr. Rose’s efforts and have invited her to participate in their awards ceremony today. Nestree News catches up with the elegant and intelligent Dr. Rose to hear what she has in store for the future of the corporation’s psychology department.
Lesty: Today, we are with Dr. Rose at the awards ceremony of Grow Academy. Nestree News took advantage of this opportunity to catch up with the Academy’s beautiful VIP. Dr. Rose, as the Head of the Psychology Department at Pudoro Corporation, could you tell us a bit about what you and your research does for such a big corporation?
Rose: What the department does is pretty much self-explanatory in its name. But in short, what we do is the research on the human psyche. This is one of the main goals of the corporation during its initial establishment. Currently, we aid in the research and development of artificial intelligence, giving robots and robotic animals a more humane personality. Furthermore, having delved significantly in the research of telepathy, we aim to combine psychic phenomena with communication, and letting telepathy become a common habit.
Lesty: What do you mean when you say “combine psychic phenomena with communication”?
Rose: Simply put, it means “telepathy”! Ultimately, telepathy is merely the concept of frequency. If there are two people, or two life forms, as long as the frequency is right, they can create a bridge of connection. By doing so, we no longer need to depend on language nor be restricted by distance in order to communicate with each other.
Lesty: But will there be any accidents involved?
Rose: Do you mean accidentally connect with the wrong person? It’s very much like how we usually talk. If there are a lot of people in the same mental space and we don’t call out the person’s name, there might be the possibility of saying the wrong thing! This is what the psychology department is researching on, and currently, we’ve found the right way to do it under the right frequency. The next step is to make the complicated operation process user-friendlier.
Lesty: Wow! To be able to talk to whomever you have on your mind anytime, anywhere. What a great idea! But what happens when information starts to build up?
Rose: The problem of confidentiality arises once information accumulates! This is also one of the obstacles the psychology department is trying to overcome. We wish to create a “psychological code.” As long as the person silently thinks about the specified number, the person they wish to contact will know. If the other person agrees, you can connect into the other person’s mental space and begin a conversation with him or her. If there were an emergency, for example, if parents were worried about their child being kidnapped, there wouldn’t be the need to worry about not being able to contact the person!
Lesty: That’s very considerate of you, Dr. Rose. I’ve noticed something rather strange. You know what answer I’m looking for even before I finished asking my question. Is this a natural gift?
Rose: Ha ha, I guess you could put it that way! In Pudoro Corporation, every employee is categorized according to his or her own gifts and capabilities. My own strength lies in the probing of the inner consciousness, arousing hidden, unknown powers. To allow the subconscious and memories to awaken is my strongest ability. Would you like to give it a try?
Rose: (Places her hand atop Lesty’s head while murmuring softly in an unknown language) Shalada, shagua, hoolee ----- (Lesty suddenly drops to the floor in tears, but a big smile hangs on her face).
(Five minutes later, Lesty wakes up).
Lesty: Oh my goodness, what exactly just happened? I feel like I’d just stepped into a strange, but beautiful world. Was it heaven? It was colorful and bright, with birds flitting around and flowers dancing in the sunset…oh, how should I describe what I’d just seen? There was also the ocean. My family and I were on a yacht drifting on the waves. My mind was filled with limitless creations, endless firsthand sources and information for headliner reports, all sense of anxiety gone!
Rose: All I did was awaken your subconscious and memories, letting you relive them once again. A part of what you experienced were your past memories, while others are what your subconscious detects as your deepest dreams and desires. Just…just think of it as a gift from me to you [chuckle].
Lesty: Thank you, Dr. Rose! Thank you for accepting my interview, and for giving me such a beautiful experience! Thank you! (wiping away her tears)