Dr. Shun Lu

The Man Behind the Legend

Kyung Lah
March 28, 2011
About reporter
Slick and sly, Scott is the go-to man for information and gossip. It is wise to believe only half the things he says. The son of Swen and his ex-wife. Scott became part of the paparazzi team for Nestree News at the young age of 21. Scott’s inside sources are highly reliable.

Nella: Good morning, everyone! Today marks the 10th anniversary since the establishment of Pudoro News Network. To celebrate this monumental day, we have a very special guest joining us today, which is rare, since he is relatively low-key and rarely appears in public. He is the man behind the legend. The man who created Pudoro Corporation and made what Pudoro Island is today. Currently, we are on his private aircraft. Let us welcome the world-renowned, deeply revered Dr. Shun Lu!
Dr. Shun Lu: Good morning, everyone.
Nella: We are currently departing from the Nestree, and will circle around the island. Is this what you do on a daily basis, doctor?
Lu: Yes. Every day, I set aside a time to surveil the island by taking Budu. We take off from Nestree and stroll around Happical Zoo, checking for any peculiarities, before returning to my office.
Nella: To most of us, Nestree is a rather mysterious place and very out of reach. Would you care to tell us a little bit about it?
Lu: Nestree is the origin and headquarters of Pudoro Corporation, and a very unique, high-tech architecture. It began its growing process since the Taiho year of 1505, and is almost fully-formed. Each branch extends to a department and automatically controls its growth based on each department’s needs. Usually, the robotic woodpecker is responsible for protecting the Nextree’s exterior, whereas the interior is maintained by the central control system as well as a 24-hour surveillance system. Our illuminating hall leads to every department and other Nestree facilities. Currently, there are a total of 1073 employees in our interior office, including those who also reside there as well.
Nella: There are only 1073? I thought there was more!
Lu: 1073 only refers to the number of people who work in the Nestree departments, whether is the research and development, news, psychology or maintenance department. The Rare Zoo that officially opens this year has an additional 400 employees responsible for management, maintenance and repair activities of the animals.
Nella: We are now right above the Happical Zoo! Is that the newest, most popular giraffe I see? Oh wow, this is amazing! Never thought I’d be able to see a giraffe from this angle. Doctor, can you tell us more about this incredible zoo?
Lu: Sure. Zoos have always held a sentimental role in almost every person’s childhood. Since it’s rare for families to get together, let alone go out together, I wanted to create a spot suitable for families to have a good time at. A happy place worthy of creating memories. Thus, the initial motive was that simple: creating happiness.
The current Happical Zoo stretches across 30 square kilometers, roughly a fifth of the island. From the zoo entrance to the zoo exit is approximately 30 kilometers. The zoo is divided respectively on the animal’s natural habitats. For example, there is the jungle, the tropical forest, the plains, as well as lakes and waterfalls. Although this is a robotic zoo, we still want to provide a full-body experience for the visitors, hence the imitation of each animal’s original natural habits. Each animal is the product of Pudoro Corporation’s sweat, blood and tears. They have rights and space to roam freely in these premises. Therefore, I would strongly recommend visitors to take the Sky Rollercoaster. On one hand, they can save some time and energy from walking too much, and on the other, they can observe the animals from all angles and perspectives.
Nella: Doctor, I am blown away. The only animals we see in Taiho are your typical cows, goats and dogs. Rare Zoo truly is a very eye-opening experience, and one that brings back wonderful memories I have with my parents. However, doctor, it seems very little is known about your family. Can we talk a little bit about that?
Lu: Hmm...family...
Nella: Uh...it’s completely fine if you do not wish to discuss this matter, doctor. Let’s..Let’s change to a different subject! Tell us some of your personal interests, for example, what is your favorite food?
Lu: Vanilla ham shaved ice. Every time a project is finalized, I’d secretly slip out to the Juicy Fruity Bar on Gourmet Street, ha ha.
Nella: You certainly have peculiar tastes, doctor. Out of all the tens and hundreds of products Pudoro Corporation has invented, which one is your personal favorite?
Lu: It’d probably be the Vita-Bread. It was developed to solve the water shortage crisis Taiho was experiencing during that period. It is a portable solid water ample with minerals that can compensate for shortage of necessary vitamins. It makes me extremely happy that we were able to provide aid and to be recognized for it. This has always been the motivation.
Nella: You were awarded the title “Top Scientist of the World” by Taiho for this invention! Doctor, your compassion truly touches many people. What are some current projects/plans you hope to see through?
Lu: I am currently trying to develop a universal language. Hopefully through appropriate communication channels, misunderstandings, prejudices an discriminations...[phone rings][Lu lowers his head] My apologies, but I must take this call.
Nella: No problem, doctor.
[Lu leaves to retrieve telephone call]
Nella: As you can all see, we are currently above Pudoro City. Wow! Being able to glance down at Whale Harbor from a bird’s eye view is incredible. You can almost feel the bustle and the excitement! The first thing that welcomes us is the Purina Light tower. Next, we can catch a glimpse of the Gourmet Street and the various logos from different shops...At the distance is the Nestree’s silhouette, shooting at a magnificent height from the base of the volcano like a refined, energetic tree ready to take on the world!
[Lu returns]
Lu: I’m sorry, it was my assistant Roda on the phone. Pudoro Corporation has been invited by the South Pacific Seven Islands Union to participate in their annual harvest festival.
Nella: My next question might come off a bit impolite...but, Pudoro Corporation is such a strong and powerful country largely recognized by the world. Do you have plans to deviate from Taiho and establish Pudoro Island into an independent country?
Lu: Aren’t you worried Taiho might attack with you asking this kind of question? Ha ha ha.
Nella: ...
Lu: Ha ha. As of now, the corporation does not have these plans scheduled. However, we are discussing the possibilities of Pudoro become it’s own self-governed area, to more conveniently aid more people under our own name.
Nella: Under your guidance, Pudoro Corporation has a very strong and positive future to look forward to! Doctor, I would like to ask you one last question that has been troubling me for a long time now...
Lu: Go right ahead.
Nella: There have been all sorts of speculations amongst the public regarding the history and background of Pudoro Corporation. Some even go as far as to say that all of Pudoro’s employees are aliens because of their extraordinary intelligence!
Lu:...Ha ha ha. And what do aliens look like? Perhaps you’ll find an E.T.  underneath my man-made human skin? Ha ha!
Nella: Doc...Doc...Doctor, I believe you are human! It’s just that the people of your company are unbelievably smart...
Lu: Aliens are also a form of humans, in a sense. Ha ha, so we shouldn’t discriminate.
Nella: You have such a sense of humor, doctor! Before we wrap up our interview, is there anything you’d like to say to the viewers of Puro News Network?
Lu: Whether they are aliens, robots or Pudoro citizens, we should all view each other in the same way devoid of prejudices. I hope Happical Zoo brings not only happiness for every one, but also a deeper understanding of the equality and respect for life we should all have for all walks of life.

Nella: Thank you, doctor, very much for this wonderful opportunity. We are currently flying above the center of the island--directly above Tango Lake. From here, we are able to view the entire island in all its breathtaking beauty. I wish Pudoro Corporation the very best in their future endeavors, much like the gentle whale leading its people to a better world. Thank you, doctor and thank you to the viewers, as well. I’ll see you next time!