1. How do I ( as a creator) work with the Nestree website?

Ans. Tenzones will provide a database regarding the background and character settings of the Nestree world.


If the creator is satisfied with what our database has to offer:

1. Proposal-- The creator may come up with a proposal regarding what he/she would like to write about. 

2. Evaluation--Tenzones’ editor will evaluate the creator’s proposal before the creator fills out a form including the summary and the estimated word count.

3. Approval and Contract-- Once this step is approved, Tenzones’ editor will send the creator the contract, and then the creator may begin his or her writing process.



If the creator is not satisfied with what our database has to offer:

1. Proposal--The creator may come up with a proposal regarding what he/she would like to write about regarding the new character. 

2. Evaluation--Tenzones’ editor will evaluate the creator’s proposal before the creator fills out two forms: a) the “Create New Characters” form and b) provide the summary and estimated word count. 

3. Approval and Contract--Tenzones’ editor will then send the creator the contract, and then the creator may begin his/her writing process. 


2. If the animals that have already been named in the Nestree database mean a story has already been written for that animal, and therefore I must choose another animal?

Ans.  That is usually the case, since the more settings there are, the more it has been written! However, we would still prefer the creator check with us before coming that that conclusion. If the creator prefers the same kind of animal, perhaps the creator can come up with a new animal of the same species!


3. What kind of style does the story follow?

Ans. Tenzones’ target audience is elementary to middle school children, therefore we’d prefer it if your work has a positive, entertainment vibe to it. We’re hoping the reader is able to chuckle about the wittiness or cleverness of the story once he/she is done reading it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be educational.



1. What is the Nestree world about?

Ans. The Nestree world is a fictional world based around the famed and renowned Pudoro Corporation. For more details, please visit our Nestree Database--wiki.nestree.com.


2. What is Happical Zoo?

Ans. Happical Zoo is a robotic animal-themed park founded and established by Dr. Shun Lu and the rest of Pudoro Corporation. All the robotic animals found here have been created and possess artificial intelligence. The animals are not caged, but rather reside in their own man-made habitats built to replicate that of the real world. There are no fences, but magnetic columns that transmit magnetic waves to form a semi-circle restriction to prevent the animals from escaping. For this reason, no animal is able to leave Happical Zoo. The zoo is closed from 5 A.M. to 9 A.M. in the morning.


The animals that reside in Happical Zoo have their own unique personalities and specialties. Aside from their usual “job” as an animal, these robotic creations also have their own designated tasks. For example, the rabbit is responsible for digging vegetables, the mole is responsible for mining and the crane is responsible for mail delivery. The creator of these animals is unaware that these group of robotic animals have gradually, throughout the years, developed their own way of thinking and culture. They understand human language (but unable to express it) and communicate amongst themselves, but the humans are unable to understand them. As they are robotic animals, they do not eat, cry or age like normal animals or humans.


3. What is Floating World?

Ans. Floating World is another mini-world situated in Happical Zoo, the robotic animal-themed park founded by Dr. Shun Lu. All the robotic animals here are sea creatures like those you would find in an aquarium. The only difference is, there is not a drop of water in sight. The marine robotic animals move about by floating or swimming as they would in the sea. All the vegetation (flowers and grass) and soil on land are in various shades of blue and when interspersed with multi-colored coral reefs and marine flora, Floating World is truly a paradise on earth. Different from the rest of the animals in Happical Zoo, the animals here are unable to speak, as the Vice President of Pudoro Corporation (Sanwon) decided that Floating World should replicate the tranquility and peacefulness as that of the real sea. Allowing the animals to communicate would disrupt the ambiance. Sanwon requested the Research and Development Department to create a purplish-blue muting mist that disables any animal who come in contact with the mist to speak. Therefore, the animals here can only communicate through body language. 



1. Can the animals of Happical Zoo migrate to the habitats of other animals? Or are they only restricted to where they reside?

Ans. Animals may move freely around the zoo, but only when the zoo is temporarily closed. When it is open to the public, all the animals must return to their own habitats. 


2. Are the plants in the zoo real?

Ans. Yes, all the plants in Happical Zoo are real, with some species that are only indigenous to the zoo. Most of the plants are not robots, although some have been modified to have special functions and settings.


3. Can the tourists only walk on specific pathways? Or can they walk wherever they like in the zoo?

Ans. Tourists are free to roam around the zoo as they wish, however there are some restricted areas that cannot be accessed as well. 


4. Is there some sort of fence around the zoo? If there is, what does it look like?

Ans. There are no tangible/physical fences around the zoo, however, there are magnetic columns that transmit magnetic waves that form an invisible web to act as a fence. 


5. In terms of animal settings, can they be physically furry?

Ans. Basically, the exterior shell of the robotic animals are devoid of fur, however, it is not impossible to “plug” a layer of fur on the outside. 


6. Do the animals eat?

Ans. The animals need to be charged, but they do not need to eat.


7. Is there Internet on Pudoro Island?

Ans. No.

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